Slaughter and May advised DeepMind on the creation of Isomorphic Labs

Slaughter and May advised DeepMind Technologies Limited (DeepMind) on the creation of Isomorphic Labs, a new Alphabet company. Isomorphic Labs is a commercial venture that will adopt an AI-first approach to drug discovery and biology.

Isomorphic Labs is owned by Alphabet, the ultimate parent of DeepMind, and will build on the research of DeepMind’s breakthrough protein-folding AI system AlphaFold2 (including through partnerships with pharmaceutical and biomedical companies). It has a mission to use AI to accelerate drug discovery and ultimately find cures for some of humanity’s most devastating diseases.

Mark Zerdin Partner
Kathryn Warden Associate
Rob Sumroy Partner
Oliver Howley Associate
Ian Ranson Associate
Laura Monaghan Associate
Phil Linnard Partner
Rachel Hunter Associate
William Watson Partner
Tom Gilliver Associate