Fast Forward

Throughout our history, Slaughter and May has both supported and practised entrepreneurialism and innovation. Fast Forward is our emerging tech incubation programme which supports the work of technology entrepreneurs and innovators. Through the programme we share our market-leading expertise with a new generation of tech entrepreneurs and innovators, whose businesses have the potential to deliver meaningful improvements or increased competition across a broad range of business sectors.

Fast Forward: Greenhouse Edition begins

For the fifth edition of Fast Forward, we are delighted to partner with the Centre for Climate Change Innovation, an initiative of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and the Royal Institution, for our Fast Forward: Greenhouse Edition. This edition focuses on companies that are developing innovative solutions to address issues caused by climate change and working towards a more sustainable future.

The businesses in the new cohort are:

Carbon Infinity

Carbon Infinity is developing a modular technology which removes carbon dioxide from the air and converts this harmful greenhouse gas into carbon neutral industrial products. Their Direct Air Capture plants extract this abundant carbon dioxide to be stored deep underground or transformed into high value carbon-based products including synthetic fuels, carbon nanotubes and enriched concrete; closing the carbon cycle and powering our energy and industrial economy towards a carbon negative future.

Construction Carbon

Construction Carbon provide carbon scoring and net zero verification processes for anyone undertaking a construction project to clearly communicate that they have assessed, reduced and scored their embodied carbon and offset residual upfront emissions. They score the carbon efficiency of projects against the recently adopted LETI benchmarks enabling carbon performance to be communicated and controlled. 

Solaris Offgrid

Solaris Offgrid started in 2014 to develop technology to scale up promising energy access solutions such as Paygo solar. We aim at fostering Paygo business models to impact the world's poorest and most underserved communities. We support a legion of entrepreneurs and organisations through PaygOps SaaS Solutions and Product Development Services to have an impact that proves to be scalable and profitable. 


Treeconomy are revolutionising the forest carbon offset industry via the use of remote sensing technology and an end-to-end business model. They connect rural landowners directly to the global carbon offset market, shrinking the carbon supply chain and providing them with a new source of income from trees.


BIO-F harness the power of microorganisms to produce high-quality nutrients for agriculture, suitable for organic soils, hydroponic systems, and conventional farming. Their biofertilisers are ecological, dramatically increase soil productivity, reduce farming net costs and minimise nitrogen run-off.


There is no minimum size/shape/age/financial position for acceptance into our Fast Forward programme. We will be focussed primarily on the strength, uniqueness and promise of the concept and the team.

The programme is aimed at early‑ and mid-stage ventures rather than established businesses but applications will be accepted from newly-formed businesses through to the pre‑IPO/exit stage.

Our Fast Forward programme offers participants up to £30,000 of value add services including:

Legal Support

Support from our Emerging Tech and Fintech Team’s legal experts in technology, financial services, intellectual property, data, employment, competition and company law.

Model documents

Access to model legal documents – including non‑disclosure agreements, employment contracts and intellectual property transfers.


Introductions and networking opportunities through Slaughter and May’s existing networks and Fast Forward’s consultative panel of leading industry and legal professionals.


Tailored individual coaching and development sessions in crucial areas such as pitching, presentations, people management, communications and negotiation.

How valuable is the advice companies receive in the Fast Forward programme?

Shefali Roy, COO of API provider TrueLayer, which helps companies simplify the open banking market, explains why Fast Forward helped make a difference to the organisation. This video was filmed when we caught up with TrueLayer earlier this year.

How does Fast Forward help start-up companies grow?

James Blackham, co-founder of By Miles, which aims to provide fairer car insurance for lower mileage drivers, explains how being part of Fast Forward’s first cohort helped the company take off. This video was filmed when we caught up with By Miles earlier this year.

Slaughter and May is committed to supporting the start-up community during this challenging time through its Fast Forward programme.

What kind of growth do companies involved in Fast Forward see?

Phil Davies, co-founder of revolutionary e-commerce delivery system Magway, explains how Fast Forward helped his organisation grow. This video was filmed when we caught up with Magway earlier this year.