Our Client Innovation Network offers a forum for members of in-house teams at our client organisations to connect and share ideas and experiences relating to all things innovation.

Through engagement with our clients in recent years (including via Collaborate, our legal tech programme), it has become clear that many of the in-house legal, and legal operations teams in our client organisations face similar innovation and tech challenges to our own, and would welcome the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other (and us).

We are pleased to welcome over 100 members to our Network, offering the opportunity to participate in: 

  • tech demo sessions, co-delivered by us and our legal tech suppliers,
  • workshops and training sessions on topics including legal process design, digital literacy and other skills for the lawyers of the future,
  • joint legal tech pilots with the firm to test software while sharing the often intensive resource burden required,
  • a forum to share resources such as market maps and procurement guides to help in-house teams navigate this space, and
  • networking sessions, to give our clients opportunities to share experiences with peers across a range of sectors.

We recognise that our clients will have differing appetites and capacity for this content and so participation in the Network is entirely flexible – ranging from simply receiving update emails at one end of the spectrum, through to more time intensive projects such as legal tech pilots at the other.

If you would be interested in hearing more about our Network please contact the Innovation Team or your usual Slaughter and May contact.