Our Culture and Values

Slaughter and May is a partnership: we achieve excellence through collective effort and a willingness to share expertise.

The scope and variety of our work is such that it suits many different personalities, unified by a shared commitment to quality of service and outcome. Throughout the firm there is an underlying sense of pride in who we are and what we do.

The atmosphere here is friendly and supportive - everyone's contribution is valued and we believe strongly in the importance of personal respect. We also believe that people should enjoy their work.

This culture underpins our approach and is integral to our success.

Excellence is deeply ingrained in our culture and absolutely central to everything we do at Slaughter and May. We have a set of core values that, together, allow us to achieve excellence.

These are:

The highest standards
We set exacting standards for our work and our performance. We conduct ourselves with integrity, responsibility and candour.

Independence of thought
We thrive on original thinking and novel approaches. We welcome diversity of experience and different points of view.

Collective endeavour
We are intentionally collaborative and supportive. We encourage personal initiative, yet prize collegiality over competition.

Respect for all
We strive to be fair, considerate and inclusive in all our dealings. We are attentive to others’ needs and mindful of the consequences of our actions.

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Our people Our lawyers are among the brightest legal minds in the world - many are leaders in their fields.