We have had significant experience advising a variety of HM Government departments and bodies for many decades, forming collaborative working relationships and understanding the unique challenges they face. Whenever the stakes are high or there is a need for extreme urgency, confidentiality and where no precedent exists, we are called upon to support HM Government in navigating these complex matters.

Our knowledge is extensive – we have set up, restructured, and reorganised government departments, and advised on projects and transactions of all types. From the privatisations in the 80s and 90s, to the Government’s response to the global financial crisis, to energy market reforms, through to our current role advising on a number of Brexit and COVID-19 mandates, we have provided high quality legal advice, market wisdom, and good judgment.

We have also advised governments and regulators around the world, including the Irish Treasury on the Irish bank rescues, the Central Bank of Cyprus on the resolution of Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank, the Portuguese Ministry of Finance on a number of bank recapitalisations, and the Central Bank of Egypt on several repurchase transactions. We advised the European Stability Mechanism on its planning for a potential Greek sovereign default, the consequences of a Greek exit from the Eurozone and on the design of capital instruments for the direct recapitalisation of Eurozone banks by the ESM. This demonstrates our full appreciation and understanding of the unique considerations involved in public sector transactions.

Key experience

HM Government departments

Advised various HM Government departments in regards to their preparation for Brexit and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HM Treasury
  • Advised HM Treasury in relation to the UK Government support given to the banking and finance industry, this included being retained in 2007 and working for HMT continuously through the financial crisis, in particular on the guarantee and funding arrangements for Northern Rock and on the programme that underwrote the recapitalisation of the entire UK banking sector.
  • Working in an integrated team with Treasury Legal Advisors, we advised HM Treasury on the establishment and operation of the COVID Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF).
  • Advising HM Treasury on the establishment of a new National Infrastructure Bank.
  • Advised BEIS on the establishment of British Business Bank and on the roll-out of Electricity Market Reform (EMR) over a period of seven years.
  • Advised BEIS on the initial structuring around proposals for Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).
UK Green Investment Bank

Advised UK Green Investment Bank on its privatisation.

Government of Botswana

Advised Government of Botswana on a broad range of work over a period of more than 35 years, including in the copper, nickel, soda ash and coal industries; and, among numerous other practice areas, on commercial and supranational financing arrangements.

South African Government

Advised South African Government on the reform of South Africa’s Companies Act. We were the only English law firm represented on the South African Company Law Review International Reference Group and were involved in the development of a radical new Companies Act for South Africa and on the reform of its Business Registration law.

Key Contacts

Robin Ogle
Robin Ogle Partner