Slaughter and May advised Trill Impact on its acquisition of Delivery Associates Ltd

Slaughter and May advised Trill Impact (“Trill Impact”), an Impact House with EUR 1.2 billion in assets under management across its investment strategies, on its acquisition of Delivery Associates Ltd (“Delivery Associates”).

Delivery Associates is a global consulting firm that helps leaders in government, philanthropy, and social impact organizations to turn ambitious goals into everyday reality for the people they serve. Trill Impact’s growth partnership with Delivery Associates will accelerate and deepen their positive impact on people, planet, and society around the world. Delivery Associates is the ninth investment made in Trill Impact’s inaugural buyout fund.

Sustainability is a whole business proposition at Slaughter and May. We view sustainability and climate change as fundamental considerations within all strategic and operational decision making, impacting all businesses and organisations. As the market for impact investing has grown, we have been at the forefront of helping clients align their sustainability goals with their strategic acquisitions and investments. More details of how we advise our clients can be found on our Environmental, Social and Governance page.

Private Equity
Harry Bacon Partner
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Ritish Desai Associate

Veronica Bonifacio / Trainee, Alina Chalkia / Trainee

Gareth Miles Partner
Deeksha Rathi Associate
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Kerry O'Connell Partner
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