Digital Regulation

Helping companies and investors understand, prioritise and implement governance and compliance in response to the ever-shifting global digital regulation.

As the digital world evolves, so to do the rules which govern it. Keeping pace with a fast-moving regulatory, and technology, landscape is therefore a key challenge facing organisations today.

Whether clients are adopting AI or new digital ways of working, operating or investing in the Tech sector, or entering new digital markets, we can help them realise the many opportunities this can bring while managing potential risks.

Types of advice we can cover in this area

  • Regulatory insight and risk management: We help clients understand where, and how, the vast array of new digital rules apply to their business, from new rules around AI, data and online content/safety, to the current focus of antitrust and financial regulators in this space.
  • Risk management and governance: Effective governance is key, as is considering compliance from the start of any project. We help clients implement effective governance and compliance processes, tailored to their specific needs and risk appetite.
  • Global solution: Many of our clients operate across borders, and our strength across a wide range of digital developments means we provide a global ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to our clients.
  • Engagement: We also help clients engage with, and inform, legislators and digital regulators in key markets such as the EU and UK, helping our clients shape the future regulatory landscape in the digital space.


AI compliance and governance advice

We advised a Fortune 500 US personal finance company on the use of a cloud-hosted AI solution for the generation of certain content for retail customers; a regulated FMCG company on the review of the company’s current position and key risks on using generative AI; and a multinational distribution and outsourcing company on their generative AI policy, and a global telecoms company on IP issues around AI development and use.

Global tech companies on platform regulation

We advise Alphabet, Meta, Netflix, Salesforce, Tencent and Alibaba on global tech regulatory matters, for example in relation to the EU Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act, as well as sectoral regulatory and market investigations by both the EU and UK regulatory authorities.

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