China Addendum to the Slaughter and May Recruitment Privacy Notice

If you are a candidate applying for a position at Slaughter and May Beijing Office (“SandM BJO”), this Addendum will apply to you. This Addendum supplements and constitutes an integral part of the Slaughter and May Recruitment Privacy Notice.

Cross border transfers

For the purposes of recruitment and pre-screening processes and complying with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements, we may transfer your personal information to Slaughter and May (Hong Kong) (“SandM Hong Kong” or “Overseas Recipient”), the Hong Kong office of Slaughter and May. In certain cases, third-party service providers may be engaged by SandM Hong Kong to operate and maintain relevant overseas systems and provide other supporting services.

Slaughter and May is an international law firm. To the extent necessary for global recruitment management, SandM Hong Kong may provide or allow access to your personal information by the firm’s other overseas offices .

Your personal information may be stored in overseas systems utilised by the firm and used by authorised individuals for the purposes of recruitment management and complying with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements and those purposes as stated in the Recruitment Privacy Notice.

Outlined below are types of personal information that may be transferred outside mainland China:

  • Personal identifier, including name, address, date of birth, government issued ID numbers, gender, photographs without specific technical processing, job application details, CV;
  • Contact data, including email addresses/telephone numbers (home and work);
  • Position data, including, title, role, grade, job description;
  • Education and training details, including professional qualifications, work experience, academic records, professional skills and student and pupil records;
  • Social circumstances, including, information relating to your personal life and residence status.

Sensitive personal information

We may process certain sensitive personal information if it is needed for recruitment management or if it is required to comply with applicable law. Specifically, we process and transfer government issued ID numbers and photographs without specific technical processing about you, which are necessary for verification of your identity and screening process. We only process sensitive personal information about you in accordance with the principle of necessity. If you refuse to provide such personal information, we may not be able to verify your identity or hire you.

Your personal information is considered private and confidential. For cross-border data transfer, we will perform relevant procedures and formalities in accordance with data protection legislation and will ensure that adequate safeguards have been provided by the entity receiving the information.

Your rights 

In addition to the personal information rights that may apply to you and are set out in the Recruitment Privacy Notice, you are entitled to exercise the following rights:

  • request an explanation of the Recruitment Privacy Notice (including this Addendum) from SandM BJO.
  • request to transfer personal information to another data controller (personal information processor under Chinese data protection laws) to the extent permitted by applicable law.
  • request a copy of your personal information processed by SandM BJO.

We will respond to your request as it relates to your personal information within 15 working days  of receiving such request .

Contact information

You may contact the Overseas Recipient by writing to the Senior Partner of Slaughter and May Hong Kong, at 47th Floor, Jardine House, One Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong, or by using the [email protected] email address.

If you would like to exercise your personal information rights or request an explanation of personal information processing rules, please contact the Partner of Beijing Office at 2906-2909, China World Office 2, No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing 100004, People's Republic of China.

Last updated: April 2024