Asset Management Hot Topics - Spring 2024

1 min read

Welcome to the Winter/Spring 2024 edition of our Asset Management - Hot Topics series. Many developments covered in this edition relate to the shape of the UK’s post-Brexit framework for financial services. An overarching theme is the tension (whether actual or perceived) faced by the government and regulators as they seek to maintain and increase the international competitiveness of the UK’s financial services (including asset management) sector while ensuring high standards of investor (in particular, consumer) protection and market integrity. Whether UK legislators and regulators succeed in walking this tightrope will only become more apparent in time.

In this edition we consider, among other things: 

  • the future of the UK financial services framework following FSMA 2023
  • the FCA’s discussion on updating the UK asset management regulatory framework
  • technological developments and AI innovation in the asset management sector
  • implementation of the Consumer Duty
  • the continuing retailisation of private capital
  • further developments in ESG and sustainability

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss any of the areas covered in this edition, or any other legal or regulatory development affecting your business.