Sarah joined the firm in 1996, established the firm’s Compliance Department in 2008 and became its first General Counsel in 2015. She’s a Steward of our livery company (The City of London Solicitors’ Company), and is helping it to attract and stay relevant for new and more diverse members.

What does being a member of PRISM mean to you?

I went to a state school in one of the UK’s most deprived towns, was the first generation in my family to go to university and jumped a fair number of (odd) hurdles to get a job in the City. I’ve juggled having a family and caring for my parents with work, stepping off the career ladder and then back onto it. It’s perhaps unsurprising that, as a result of my own experiences, I’m very interested in supporting women in the workplace. But I’m also a natural champion of equality and inclusion in all its forms.

PRISM helps to support LGBT+ people (and everyone else) at the firm to be themselves and fulfil their potential, so I’m proud to support it as an ally. PRISM events are a big pull too, as I always seem to meet someone new and with a different perspective to my own whenever I attend them.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I now spend a fair amount of my time on livery company matters, and was pleased to recently take the lead on writing their inclusive language and style guide.

Aside from that, my interests are promoting Grimsby, raising my two sons as feminists and practising Bikram yoga.