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Sally Wokes

Partner (she/her)

Sally read Law at University College London before joining the firm in 2005 as a trainee. She has been a partner since 2015 in one of our Corporate and Commercial groups.

Why did you become an ally member of PRISM?

Being an ally member of the PRISM network means supporting LGBT inclusion at Slaughter and May and being a part of that conversation. Figures published by Stonewall suggest that more than a third of LGBT staff still hide their identity at work for fear of discrimination, which really brought the importance of PRISM home to me.

It’s critical that everyone is able to be themselves at work, in order for them to be happy and to fulfil their potential, and we need to work together on reaching that goal.

PRISM, like our other networks, helps our partners and employees to do this, and so I am proud to be a supporter.

Are you involved in any of the other firm networks?

I’m one of the supporting partners of Thrive, our mental health and wellbeing network, and also involved in our Gender Equality Network. There’s a lot of cross-over between the different networks, and that’s why we collaborate together for many of our events during the course of the year. The increase in the number and strength of our networks in recent times is really inspiring – it’s great to see so many people in the firm committing themselves to these initiatives to improve everyone’s working life.

Vera Vollmann


Vera studied European Studies at Maastricht University and Sciences Po Paris and has an LL.M. in International and European Business Law from Trinity College, Dublin. She joined the firm in September 2016 as a trainee and is now an associate in our Competition group.

What does being a member of PRISM mean to you?

I joined PRISM on my first day at the firm to meet other LGBT people and get involved more broadly in the City’s LGBT community. I believe that it is an important cause to be a part of, providing a framework of support, especially in light of the firm’s various programmes with young people.

What are your hobbies and interests?

In terms of interests, I love painting and literature, mainly philosophy. On the weekends, I enjoy going to the theatre and (pop-up) exhibitions or strolling around Victoria Park. I am an outdoorsy person and a passionate traveller – South America is one of my favourite places to travel.

Ella Widdop-Gray

Associate (she/her)

Ella studied Law at the University of Manchester and joined the firm in September 2019. She is now an associate in our Disputes and Investigations group.

Why is PRISM important to you?

PRISM reflects the firm’s commitment to LGBTQ+ issues and people. As a gay woman, the network helps me to feel comfortable in the office and, as such, work to my full potential. It also presents an exciting opportunity to get involved in various events and to meet interesting people, both within the firm and within the wider legal profession.

What have you been involved with as a member of PRISM?

DiversCity is an initiative aimed at LGBTQ+ students hoping to pursue a legal career in the City. I attended DiversCity’s annual events as an undergraduate student and was inspired to hear about LGBTQ+ lawyers’ experiences. I also benefitted from the scheme’s mentoring programme.

Slaughter and May is one of the City law firms that participates in the initiative. As a trainee, I was given the opportunity to attend the DiversCity event and to sit on a panel. It was great to be able to give back to a scheme that had helped me and to share my experience of being an LGBTQ+ person working at a City law firm. Through the initiative, I am also acting as a mentor to an undergraduate student.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Having participated in sports competitively at school and university, I now enjoy more relaxed gym sessions and leisurely jogs.

Adrian Burbie

Trainee (he/him)

Adrian read Law at the University of Oxford and joined the firm in 2021 as a trainee solicitor, aged 22. He is currently in the second seat of his training contract and sitting in the Pensions, Employment and Incentives group.


As a bi man who only came out recently whilst at university, PRISM is important to me as an example of just one of the many ways in which the firm supports LGBTQ+ people to be comfortable in their own skin at work. It both offers an opportunity to meet with LGBTQ+ faces from around the firm as well as work collaboratively in devising ways in which LGTBQ+ visibility can be enhanced and interests represented. This is particularly important in a professional sector which has historically not always been so welcoming to LGBTQ+ people.


I am also involved in the Trainee Solicitors’ Committee (TSC), which seeks to represent the interests of trainees. Identity is something of great importance to many of our trainees, so I look forward to building a close relationship between PRISM and the TSC that can benefit everyone – trainees and non-trainees – alike.


Cooking is one of my great passions – in particular, French and Taiwanese cuisine (the latter in homage to my being half-Taiwanese). I make no assurances as to its quality, however! I also enjoy singing in choirs.

Elizabeth Huang

Trainee (she/her)

Elizabeth studied Law as an undergraduate and postgraduate before joining the firm as a trainee in 2021, aged 23. She is currently in the second seat of her training contract and sits in one of our Corporate groups.


When I joined the firm, I was very happy to find that Slaughter and May has such an active LGBTQ+ network. As a queer person, PRISM is important to me as it provides a space for LGBTQ+ people at the firm to share experiences and build a supportive community. I’m also proud of the work we do firm-wide to promote the diversity of identities found at Slaughter and May, and to contribute to shaping a forward-thinking and inclusive culture here.


I love the outdoors (my most recent “big trip” was to walk 700km of the Camino de Santiago and I’m currently planning the next one); like a good film; and also enjoy occasionally turning my hand to DIY (with mixed results!).


Senior Professional Support Lawyer (she/her)

Emily studied history as an undergraduate before joining the firm as a trainee in 2014. She is a Senior Professional Support Lawyer in the Financial Regulation group.


As someone who has dated and loved people of different genders, and no gender, it has been important to have a space within the firm where I can find support and understanding. It has been really lovely to see the network grow during my time at Slaughter and May, and I am extremely proud of the work we have done.


I like to read as many books as I possibly can, to look at sculpture, and to eat delicious food cooked for me by friends.

Nick Pacheco

Partner (he/him)

Nick joined the firm in 2010 and is now a partner in one of our Corporate and Commercial groups.

What does being a member of PRISM mean to you?

Diversity and inclusion are important to me as a gay man, and PRISM and the firm’s other internal networks play a key role in allowing our staff to bring their whole, genuine and unique selves to work.

PRISM builds awareness of LGBTQ+ issues throughout the firm and the wider world. I’m especially proud of the bridges that we’ve built with the LGBTQ+ networks of our clients and other organisations.

Liam Reynolds

Associate (he/him)

Liam studied Law at the University of Manchester and joined the firm as a trainee solicitor in September 2018. He is an associate in one of our Financing groups.

What does being a member of PRISM mean to you?

While I have been out as a gay man in my personal life for a number of years, it was still very nerve-wracking to come into a completely new, unknown environment and to be open about my sexuality.

I joined PRISM because I believe that being able to talk freely and openly about our personal lives is key to preserving good mental health, and that nobody should feel as though they have to sacrifice their authentic self at work. Being a member of the PRISM network has helped me to become more confident in both my professional and personal life. A particular highlight has been being a member of the sub-group that drafted the firm’s Stonewall index submission for 2020, where we rose a huge 55 places to be ranked 15th for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the country (the most improved of any employer in the index). It was extremely satisfying to see the efforts of the firm rewarded in this way. 

Outside of work, I am an enthusiastic (if untalented) gym-goer, amateur cook and self-professed theatre nerd.