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About m&a PERSPECTIVE 2021 winter SERIES

Welcome to our M&A Perspective winter webinar series. Our videos and podcasts address the breadth of key transactional trends and issues impacting decision-makers operating at the forefront of M&A.

Most recently, we explore the increasing use of auctions across private M&A and highlight some of the key strategies, tools and tactics available to both buy and sell sides.

Auctions: Maximising the chances of success

Victoria MacDuff and Paul Mudie set the scene and discuss what an auction is, why they are hot right now and what the key dynamics at play are.

Auction Process: Buy and Sell Side Strategies in a Bull Market

Di Yu and James Cook highlight the importance of an efficient process from both the sell side - and getting to the best price in the quickest time; and the buy side - identifying the critical information needed, de facto exclusivity, and managing red lines.

Buyer Dynamics: Strategic Buyers vs Private Equity

Victoria MacDuff and Harry Bacon look at buyer dynamics between strategics and private equity: where they differ, where they converge and the challenges that both face around pricing and supply.

Auctions: the shifting role of W&I

Paul Mudie and Victoria MacDuff summarise the return of W&I insurance, the drivers behind its establishment as a deal staple and the remaining challenges around capacity, claims and exclusions.

Podcast series: Looking East, Looking West: Accelerating Values and Volumes in M&A

In the following podcasts, David Watkins is joined by a global panel: Hong Kong partners Chris McGaffin and Natalie Yeung; Brussels partner Kerry O'Connell; London partner Alex Dustan; and Laura Turano and Krishna Veeraraghavan from Paul Weiss in New York. Our speakers provide their take on the current state of global M&A across the UK, US, Europe and Asia, focussing on the impact of geo-political influences; increased regulatory scrutiny; and emerging practice trends.

Podcast 1: Asia

David Watkins, Natalie Yeung and Chris McGaffin examine differences and similarities in deal activity across Asia. They discuss geopolitical pressure, pivotal shifts in Chinese policy and then take a broader view of deal activity and dynamics in South East Asia.

Podcast 2: US

David Watkins is joined by Laura Turano and Krishna Veeraraghavan at Paul Weiss to discuss the record deal activity in the US, the drivers behind the growth, and also share their views on recent changes at the DOJ and FTC and the subsequent impact on competition law. 

Podcast 3: Europe

David Watkins, Alex Dustan and Kerry O’Connell explore trends behind the headline M&A statistics in Europe and look at how companies are navigating increased regulation in order to get deals done.


Our summer webinar series took place throughout May - July 2021 which focused on the following hot topics in M&A:

  • Weathering the M&A Storm
  • A new alternative - SPACS and their impact on the M&A landscape
  • Uncharted waters - navigating the UK's new national security regime

You can access the videos by clicking here.

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Further publications and briefings related to the topics discussed at the M&AP webinar series can be found through the links below. If you have any questions on the topics discussed, do get in touch with the authors or your usual Slaughter and May contact.