Slaughter and May partners with The 93% Club to launch a new professional network to improve outcomes for state-educated people in the workplace

Slaughter and May has partnered with The 93% Club, BCG, EY and JLL to form a transformative new professional network designed to address a critical gap in the journey from education to a successful career.

The 93% Club is a leading social impact organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for state-educated people. The Club, alongside the firm and other Partner organisations has launched 93% Professionals - a professional network connecting state-educated people across the UK.

This new network will provide a supportive community for state-educated people as they enter and progress in the professional world. Using a pay-it-forward model, members can invest in their professional growth and provide opportunities for future state-educated talent. The network will operate both online and in-person to facilitate the active networking and mentorship required to accelerate the progression and deliver professional success for state-educated people. The firm is offering up to 200 employees the opportunity to join the network.

In July, Slaughter and May became the first law firm to announce Social Mobility targets, backed by a comprehensive action plan. The firm’s targets aim to increase the representation of low socio-economic background (LSEB) individuals in Slaughter and May to:

  • Total population to 25% by 2033 from a baseline of 18.8%.
  • Lawyer population to 15% by 2033 from a baseline of 10%.
  • Business Services teams to 40% by 2033 from a baseline of 34.7%.

The firm has been active for several years in opening up access to the profession/sector through its programmes and financial support for young people at school and early undergraduate years, and was one of the first law firms to use the Rare Recruitment System as part of our trainee recruitment (which contextualises academic achievement against a range of socio-economic data).

Andrew Jolly, Partner, and head of the firm’s Social Mobility Working Group said: “We are delighted to be a founding member of 93% Professionals, as we continue to drive forward our commitment to reduce inequalities in the legal sector and ensure that everyone, no matter their background, has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.”

Founder and CEO of The 93% Club, Sophie Pender said: "It’s time to transform what it means to be state-educated in the workplace. As we continue our mission to empower state-educated people, we recognise the need to address the challenges they face once they enter their careers. 93% Professionals address these challenges through the power of community.”