We operate in a commercial environment that is changing all the time, and the international nature of our work means that we are constantly working across multiple borders. Our international client base and nimbleness are some of our greatest strengths as a firm. The essential component that makes all of this possible is our people, who work hard to deliver a world class service.

Our people are drawn from different backgrounds and have different viewpoints. This diversity of thought is crucial as it means we can deliver the best advice for our clients by collaborating to find innovative solutions. Which is why we aim to attract, recruit, develop and retain a diverse pipeline of talent.

It’s about creating an environment where everyone can feel valued, included and able to be themselves. We know that this kind of supportive and inclusive workplace can drive better collaboration and enhance business performance.

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 Ewan Brown - partner

 Susannah Macknay- partner

Ewan Brown and Susannah Macknay, Diversity and Inclusion Partners with responsibility for promoting diversity and inclusion in all areas of the firm

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For further information on our inclusion activities, or to find out how you could get involved, please contact a member of the inclusion and corporate responsibility team.