EG Group

Global co-ordination of ESG requirements

EG Group, one of the world’s leading independent fuel and convenience retailers, has operations across the UK, Continental Europe, Australia and the USA.

We are providing strategic and commercial advice to EG Group on recent and upcoming ESG-related regulatory requirements in the UK as well as in the EU (both domestically and EU-wide). To do so, we are collaborating with counsel across Europe in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain to produce a ‘horizon scanning’ dashboard outlining ESG requirements coming into force in the near future which are relevant to the group and its operations, as well as the requirements which have recently come into force which the group may not yet be compliant with, or have processes in place to deal with.

How we added value:


  • Our dashboard 'Reporting Requirements at a Glance', is designed to provide succinct, practical analysis tailored to the Group’s operations and entities. The table was produced for the Group’s board to ensure they had sufficient oversight of the Group’s ESG risks and opportunities.
  • This project involved collaborating with and coordinating counsel providing multi-jurisdictional input to advise both on locally-applicable ESG regulation, as well as, where relevant, local transpositions of EU law, ensuring consistency of scope and detail of analysis across the various regions relevant to the Group.
  • The legislative analysis is designed to function as a starting point for the Group to highlighting what the main aspects of the requirements are, when they apply, to whom they apply, the critical points to be aware of given our understanding of their ESG compliance capabilities, as well as guidance on how to implement these obligations within their global operations.
  • As a result, this dashboard should help EG Group to keep up-to-date with developments globally and become sustainability leaders within their market