Slaughter and May Cookbook

Download the Cookbook

As part of Black History Month, we are releasing the inaugural Slaughter and May Cookbook.

The Cookbook was the brainchild of DIVERSE - our firm-wide network that celebrates and promotes diversity, whether social, racial, ethnic or other, both within and outside Slaughter and May - during the course of the COVID-19 lockdown, at a time when many of us were not able to be together with family, friends and colleagues.

Food is something that brings people together and for many is a real source of comfort. The Cookbook has a huge variety of dishes, which is a true reflection and celebration of the diversity of influences that exist across the firm.

There is also a charitable element to the Cookbook. Anyone can download it however, as you do so, we would ask you to consider donating money to the not for profit organisation, Bags of Taste.

Bags of Taste aims to tackle issues of poor diet and household food insecurity by providing people with the knowledge and skills to purchase and cook their own food that is healthy, tasty and affordable. Bags of Taste reaches vulnerable people struggling with food costs who need to feed themselves and their families on a tight budget. You can donate here if you are able to do so.

By releasing the Cookbook during Black History Month, we also want to raise awareness that in the UK, black, Asian and minority ethnic people are also more likely to experience poverty and food insecurity. The COVID-19 outbreak and its ongoing impact have further highlighted this disproportionate impact on these groups.

According to the Trussell Trust, a charity that works to end the need for food banks in the UK, nearly one-in-three of food bank vouchers in London were issued to people of black ethnic heritage. Also, in comparison to the ethnic profile of UK-born working age population, people of Black ethnic background were over-represented among those referred to a food bank.

We hope the launch of the Cookbook and our support of Bags of Taste can make a meaningful impact for all those suffering from food insecurity.