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The Lens

The Lens Blog

We recognise how digital developments impact our clients across their organisations - our blog ‘The Lens’ brings together updates and insights covering a wide range of issues in the sector, from tech and data developments to intellectual property, tax, financial regulation and competition considerations.

Sustainable Matters Blog

Sustainable Matters Blog

Responding rapidly to current developments in the sustainability and ESG space, the blog covers a wide range of issues from climate change and the energy transition to social impact considerations and human rights, exploring what it means for corporates and the market.

The European  Tax Blog

European Tax Blog

The European Tax Blog brings together some of the brightest legal minds across Europe and beyond. Our authors are joined by core relationship and other guest firms, sharing their thinking on cross border and domestic tax developments and trends and the implications for multinational businesses. It is intended as a forum for firms to comment on topical issues, share tips and best practice, signposting further materials, where appropriate.

The European Financial Institutions Blog

European Financial Institutions Blog

The European Financial institutions is produced jointly with our European relationship firms, BonelliErede, Bredin Prat, De Brauw Blackstone Westbrook, Hengeler Mueller, and Uria Menéndez. It provides updates on legal and regulatory developments affecting financial institutions operating across Europe.

Beyond Borders Blog

Beyond Borders Blog

The 'Beyond Borders' blog brings together, all publications and content from our Brexit Practice Group. Our content outlines the procedural and substantive implications of events as they develop.