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Can I apply for more than one scheme at the same time?

No, you will only be considered for one scheme.

I am a penultimate year student, should I apply for the Easter or the summer scheme?

If you are available to attend either scheme, we would recommend that you apply for the summer scheme as this is a three week scheme and the Easter scheme is just one week. While the format and programme for the two schemes are similar, the three-week summer scheme gives you more time to settle in to the firm and the opportunity to attend more talks and interactive sessions.

Can I apply to a winter workshop and a training contract at the same time?

We are unable to accept an application for both the winter workshop and a training contract at the same time. If you would like to apply for both, you should apply for the workshop first and, once you have heard back from us regarding this application, you can submit a further application for a training contract.

The purpose of the winter workshop is to give finalists and graduates the opportunity to experience what life as a trainee solicitor would be like. If you already have legal work experience, you may prefer to apply directly for a training contract.

I am not a first year student, can I still apply for a 1st year open day?

No, only students in their first year of undergraduate study can apply for the 1st year open days. Second year students on a four-year course cannot apply for the 1st year open days.

I am studying a four-year course, when should I apply for work experience?

If you are spending your third year abroad, you have the option to apply for the summer or Easter work experience scheme in your second year or your third year.

If you are not spending your third year overseas, you will need to wait until your third year to apply for our Easter or summer schemes.

I am studying overseas but would like to train as a solicitor in the UK, can I apply for your work experience schemes?

Yes, all applications are welcome. However, if you do not hold a British or EU passport, the offer is conditional on your having permission to enter or remain in the UK as a student or visitor.

Do you provide feedback on unsuccessful applications?

Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are only able to provide feedback following an interview.

Are your work experience schemes assessed?

No, our work experience schemes are not formally assessed by the Trainee Recruitment Team. For those who complete an Easter or summer scheme, your supervisor will provide us with some written feedback on your time with us.

I am currently studying a two year accelerated law degree, which work experience schemes would I be eligible for?

If you are in your first year of a two year degree, you are eligible to apply to the 1st year open days or the Easter and summer schemes. We would encourage you to apply for the summer scheme.

Can I apply for the Easter or summer work experience scheme if I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree, but am planning to study for a Masters or GDL/LPC course?

The summer work experience scheme is restricted to those in the penultimate year of their undergraduate degree. You should consider the winter workshops which are aimed at finalists and graduates.

I have already completed an undergraduate degree but I am currently in my first year of another undergraduate degree, am I considered a graduate or a first year student?

You would be considered a first year student and would therefore be eligible for the first year open day.

If I complete an Easter or summer scheme, can I interview for a training contract as part of this experience?

We offer training contract interviews at the end of our summer schemes. If you are attending our Easter scheme, you will need to apply for a training contract once you have received your penultimate year exam results.

Do I need to complete work experience with you to be considered for a training contract?

No. Although completing work experience with us will give you a greater insight into the firm, it is not necessary to have completed work experience with us to have a successful training contract application.

If you have a question which has not been answered here, please contact the Trainee Recruitment Team via email or on 020 7090 4454.