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Do I need to complete legal work experience before applying for a training contract?

No. It is not necessary to complete a work experience scheme with us, or indeed with any other firm, to secure a training contract here. If you do not have any legal work experience on your CV, you should be sure to demonstrate your interest in and commitment to a career in corporate law.

I have already provided all of my percentage results in the online form, do I need to include them in my CV as well?

That is entirely up to you. As long as we have this information on the form, we do not insist that you repeat it on your CV.

Are there minimum A Level requirements?

Good A-Level grades are not a strict requirement. All applications are welcome and will be reviewed by our recruitment partners based on their own merits. If you have any mitigating circumstances that affected any of your academic results, we recommend that you include them in your application.

What information should I include in my cover letter?

Your cover letter should tell us about you, why you are interested in a career in law and why you are applying to Slaughter and May. You should also include any other information which you think may be relevant to your application. Please ensure that your cover letter is no longer than one side of A4 and address it to Janine Arnold, Senior Manager – Trainee Recruitment.

If I am already studying the law conversion or LPC at another institution (i.e. not BPP Law School), am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, all applications are welcome. If you are part-way through a law conversion course, you may continue your studies at that institution. However, if you have not yet begun your studies, we will ask you to move to BPP Law School. If you are part-way through an LPC at another institution, we will need to discuss this with you should you receive an offer.

Can I apply to you if I have already accepted a training contract with another firm but have not yet started with the other firm?

No, we will not interview anyone who has accepted a training contract with another firm.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I re-apply?

Candidates who have had an unsuccessful work experience application can still apply for a training contract. Those who have had an unsuccessful training contract application are unlikely to be successful in a subsequent application unless there has been a significant development which alters their application. We do not tend to re-interview candidates for training contracts.

If you have a question which has not been answered here, please contact the Trainee Recruitment Team via email or on 020 7090 4454.