Alex Bellinger

Head of our Communications team tells us about what Break the Bias means to him and how allies can help

How can allies help to break the bias (or any specific form of bias)?

Actively demonstrate your support for change, call out everyday examples of bias, and celebrate role models.

Who inspires you?

My wife Clare inspires me. She grew up in one of the poorest towns in south Wales and didn’t have the advantages I did. She worked hard and went on to become a very successful lawyer in the City. She’s also a role model for other women and a champion of social inclusion. She really has lived the change she wants to see.

What have you done since the start of the pandemic to help drive diversity and inclusion – either in a professional or personal way?

I don’t think I’ve done enough, but I’m committed to better understanding how I can offer practical support to #breakthebias. Like everything, small changes can make a big difference. I try to keep learning and to celebrate role models.

What do you think has been the most positive step forward for gender equality over the last few years?

I’d say the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements which shifted attitudes and the conversation dramatically. Also the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re committed to six of the UN SDGs at the firm including SDG5 on gender equality and SDG 10 reduced inequalities. We are having great, practical conversations across all our teams about how we can make all six an intrinsic part of our everyday working lives.

I’m committed to better understanding how I can offer practical support to #breakthebias.