We are currently undertaking our third cohort

Slaughter and May Collaborate, our legal tech programme, is open to innovators and entrepreneurs with products relevant to the legal sector. We want to collaborate with the brightest minds in this space – helping to develop, test and expand legal tech products.

We have recently commenced our third cohort of the programme, welcoming four new legal tech companies. Via Collaborate, these companies have the opportunity to take part in a live pilot with us, receive guidance and advice, mentoring and networking opportunities, access to our lawyers and clients, as well as the opportunity to pitch for financial investment via Slaughter and May Ventures, our recently formed venture investment platform.

Collaborate has supported 17 legal tech businesses to date, details of which can be found below.


Find out more about our previous cohort members below.
Cohort Two
  • Della accelerates contract review. Users ask their own questions in their own words to analyse the points that matter to them. Della is used in due diligence and internal audits as well as day-to-day analysis of contracts, leases and other legal documents.
  • thedocyard is a deal management and transactional workflow platform which digitises and automates deals by standardising repeatable processes, providing real time status updates, providing virtual data rooms and allowing collaboration between parties.
  • Immediation is a confidential online dispute resolution platform, providing advanced hearing and mediation technology to courts, and an alternative fixed-fee, easy, secure and highly efficient method of resolving disputes outside court.
  • Juralio enables lawyers and clients to map legal work collaboratively so as to plan, execute, control and report more effectively. This helps to deliver better value for clients, better margins for lawyers and less pain for everyone.
  • The Lexical Labs system is designed to review documents, identify problems or negotiation points and provide solutions, by combining advanced technology and embedded expertise.
  • Novastone is a secure instant messaging platform integrated with public IM such as WhatsApp and WeChat. It is designed for firms to deliver a personalised client experience through relationship teams.
  • Office & Dragons is a document automation startup on a mission to make documenting transactions simple, reliable and fast. It empowers lawyers to transform documents from a mess of static text into dynamic representations of data.
Cohort One
  • Tabled is a platform which helps lawyers manage tasks and projects by automating workflows and assigning tasks to team members, providing a full picture of the team’s legal work.
  • StructureFlow is a platform which helps lawyers and their clients quickly and easily visualise complex legal structures and transactions.
  • Clarilis is a document automation tool which can be used for even the most complex of legal documents without the need to amend existing precedents or templates first.
  • JUST: Access is an easy-to-use transcription and dictation solution using AI and natural language processing to produce transcripts and related analysis.
  • Logiak is a tool which allows users with no coding experience to create complex logic/rule-based systems, for example to create an app to assist in working out if a particular law or regulation applies in a certain situation.
  • LitiGate is an AI-powered litigation platform which uncovers hidden insights, provides a bird's eye view of each case and automates day-to-day tasks.

For more information, please see our Collaborate FAQs

Our collaborate networks

We believe that legal tech provides the most benefit when providers, private practice and in-house teams all work together to find solutions that can integrate into existing processes and relationships. Cohort members are given access to our clients and their in-house legal teams, as well as industry experts, to ensure that their legal tech tools meet the needs of the legal industry as a whole.

Client Innovation Network

Our clients are key to Collaborate! We acknowledge the importance of listening to clients when helping develop new legal tech, and understand the valuable role in-house teams can play in shaping new technologies. We want to understand the pain points in-house teams are facing and how these can be addressed through tech tools.

We want to give our cohort members the opportunity to engage in discussions directly with major in-house legal teams. Cohort members will have access to our broad and varied global client base and their in-house legal teams via our newly launched Client Innovation Network.

Advisory Network

Our Advisory Network brings valuable insight and experience into the programme, and features representatives from our best friend and relationship firms; De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gilbert + Tobin, Hengeler Mueller and Uría Menéndez, as well as representatives from Slaughter and May. The Network provides international advice and guidance for our cohort members.

Alumni Network

Beyond the programme, successful cohort members will also benefit from our Collaborate Alumni Network, enabling past and present cohort members to share experiences and receive feedback and support from likeminded peers.

Programme Benefits

We want to help you develop, test and expand your new legal tech product. If you are accepted onto Slaughter and May Collaborate you will receive access to the right people, data and resources to help your product grow.

Benefits include:

New! Live Pilot

As part of our refreshed programme offering, we will pilot each legal tech product throughout the programme. We will on board your tech solution within our business, and look to pilot on live transactions where suitable, providing real-time feedback and advice from our lawyers and business services experts.

New! Pitching for Funding

Successful cohort members will be given the opportunity to pitch to Slaughter and May partners for equity investment through our new venture investment platform, Slaughter and May Ventures.*


*Whilst a pitching opportunity will be offered to all successful applicants, it is not a requirement of participation and is optional.

Access to our Clients

Access to our clients and their in-house legal, and legal operations teams, via our newly launched Client Innovation Network. We are keen to bring legal tech to our clients, both in-house and when working on their matters, and understand the valuable role in-house teams can play in helping to shape new technologies.

Access to our Lawyers

Opportunities to discuss product development and use cases with fee-earners from across our firm and participation in demos, testing and feedback sessions. Cohort members will develop a clearer understanding as to where our lawyers (and our clients!) would benefit from new tech in their day-to-day lives, and how this can be practically achieved.

Dedicated Mentors

Each cohort member will receive guidance and support from dedicated mentors from our Legal Tech & Innovation Teams. As each product is different and has differing needs, these dedicated mentors will design a bespoke programme to meet our cohort members’ specific needs. Members of our fee-earning community and business services teams will also provide support and guidance throughout the programme.

Training and Resources

Our programme not only offers access to our lawyers and clients, with real time feedback – but also offers exclusive training sessions and helpful resources. Choose from a range of practical sessions with our Pitching, Marketing and Branding experts, or sit down with our InfoSec and Privacy teams to explore the requirements of a typical law firm infrastructure.

Networking Opportunities

Collaborate offers a range of networking opportunities with our staff, lawyers, industry contacts and clients.