Thrive - the firm's mental health and wellbeing network

We recognise that mental health issues affect everyone to varying extents throughout their lives. In May 2018, we launched our employee run mental health and wellbeing network, Thrive. Together, we aim to:

  • Destigmatise mental illness;
  • Raise awareness about, and create a culture of openness around mental health issues;
  • Promote all round wellbeing, both in the workplace, and in our personal lives;
  • Develop a robust system of support and resources for employees who are experiencing mental health or wellbeing issues, or who simply wish to learn more about how they can support themselves and others around them.

Thrive was launched with a panel discussion during which a number of partners and employees shared personal stories about mental ill-health, or their experiences supporting others. The event had a record breaking attendance.

Our network is for everyone. Thrive addresses a range of issues, from suicide awareness to managing stress. The network has already had a profound impact in our workplace and we look forward to growing our network and building on the support system in place.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Unmind, a scientifically-backed mental health and wellbeing platform. As a firm, we’re making continued efforts to destigmatise mental health and develop a robust system of support and resources for our people. Partnering with Unmind and its platform is just one way we are doing this.