Sally read Law at University College London before joining the firm in 2005 as a trainee.  She has been a partner since 2015 in one of our Corporate and Commercial groups.

Why did you become an ally member of PRISM?

Being an ally member of the PRISM network means supporting LGBT inclusion at Slaughter and May and being a part of that conversation. Figures published by Stonewall suggest that more than a third of LGBT staff still hide their identity at work for fear of discrimination, which really brought the importance of PRISM home to me.

It’s critical that everyone is able to be themselves at work, in order for them to be happy and to fulfil their potential, and we need to work together on reaching that goal.

PRISM, like our other networks, helps our partners and employees to do this, and so I am proud to be a supporter.

Are you involved in any of the other firm networks?

I’m one of the supporting partners of Thrive, our mental health and wellbeing network, and also involved in our Women’s Network. There’s a lot of cross-over between the different networks, and that’s why we collaborate together for many of our events during the course of the year. The increase in the number and strength of our networks in recent times is really inspiring – it’s great to see so many people in the firm committing themselves to these initiatives to improve everyone’s working life.