The specifications of our London office include a sophisticated computer controlled Building Management System to ensure that the running of the building is environmentally efficient in terms of energy consumption.

This enables us to:

  • monitor our localised energy consumption so that we can identify and reduce energy use more effectively
  • reclaim heat through our air-conditioning system and reuse it to heat parts of the building
  • control the temperature in each office within the building and use energy efficient lighting with occupational sensors (automatically switching off lights in empty rooms), thereby cutting energy consumption

To further improve our building's energy efficiency we:

  • have¬†installed voltage regulation equipment to optimize the voltage our electrical equipment requires thereby consuming less energy and reducing our carbon emissions
  • use energy¬†provided on a green tariff, which means that it is generated from more environmentally-friendly sources than conventional energy
  • are working with our caterers to reduce energy consumption in our kitchens
  • have 105 sub meters in the building measuring all power consumption at One Bunhill Row