We endeavour to use resources within the firm effectively by:

  • recycling as much as we can - none of our office waste is sent to landfill, any residue is sent to waste to energy. We have been recycling our paper for over 20 years and 100% of our used paper, after shredding, is sent for recycling. We also recycle our printer cartridges and cooking oil
  • sending other food waste to an anaerobic digester to produce methane - this in turn is used to power electricity generators and the waste from this process is used as a fertiliser
  • sending any non-food waste that cannot be recycled to an Energy-from-Waste plant for use as fuel
  • using washable glasses in our staff restaurant rather than disposable ones to minimise waste
  • offering subsidised reusable cups at our coffee bar in order to reduce paper cup consumption
  • bottling our own filtered water in reusable bottles for use in our meeting and training rooms
  • donating our unwanted stationery (such as lever arch files) to local schools
  • using taxi companies that are carbon neutral and private cars that run on hybrid fuel sources