The Banking Regulation Review - European Union chapter

May 2016 | Client publication/article

This year’s European Union chapter gives an overview of the European regulatory and supervisory regime and provides an introduction to the most important EU legislation and regulatory developments affecting the banking sector over the last year.

While the pace of new EU rule-making in relation to banks has slowed somewhat in the past year, the focus has turned to the implementation of the significant and complex legislation made since the financial crisis. This chapter also considers changes to the European supervisory architecture and the commitment of the European Commission to introduce an EU-wide ‘Single Rule Book’ for financial services and the increasing use of directly applicable EU regulations for the introduction of new EU rules relevant to banks.

This chapter was first published in The Banking Regulation Review, 7th edition (published in May 2016) by Law Business Research Ltd.

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Jan Putnis (partner), Timothy Fosh (associate), Helen McGrath (associate)

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