Brexit Essentials: EU Withdrawal Bill receives Royal Assent

27 Jun 2018 | Client publication/article

Following some dramatic Parliamentary ping-pong, on 20 June the House of Commons approved the EU Withdrawal Bill (the Withdrawal Bill), which received Royal Assent on 26 June.

The Government has successfully limited the number of agreed amendments to the Withdrawal Bill as originally laid before Parliament to a handful compared to the hundreds of pages tabled. However, in relation to some of the issues most heavily debated, the Government has been forced to compromise.

This Briefing contains a snapshot of the outcome on the headline battleground in the Withdrawal Bill - the ability of Parliament to direct the exit deal, both overall, and in relation to customs arrangements. It concludes with an outline of the challenges imminently facing the Government in what is likely to be an intense precursor to the summer break.


Jeff Twentyman (partner), Jan Putnis (partner), Kathrine Meloni (special adviser)

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