New Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Tool Kit

The new Companies Ordinance was passed by the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on 12 July 2012 and came into force on 3 March 2014. This tool kit of publications will guide you through the key areas of change.

Memorandum of Association is retired from the constitutional documents

Summary of changes and the implications for practice.

Directors' duty of care, skill and diligence

Summary of changes and implications.

Corporate Directorship restrictions and Shareholders' Written Resolution procedures

Summary of changes and implications for corporate directorships and for the passing of shareholders’ written resolutions.

Directors' benefits - service contracts, loans and payment for loss of office

Directors' service contracts, loans and payments for loss of office.

Schemes of arrangement and headcount test

Key changes to the rules on schemes of arrangement.

Situations where companies are not required to hold AGMs

Summary of changes.

Directors' liabilities - exemptions, indemnities and insurance

Summary of changes.

What will remain in the current Companies Ordinance?

What happens to the current Companies Ordinance.

The Corporate Governance Review (fourth edition)

Developments in corporate governance written by recognised leaders in the field of corporate governance law from each jurisdiction.

United Kingdom chapter