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We produce a variety of client publications, newsletters, briefings and articles covering a broad range of legal services.

We also organise regular seminars for our clients covering many topics. These seminars are aimed primarily at legal and secretarial teams but may also be of interest to finance professionals and other executives.

Our publications and seminars examine legal and market developments and industry issues that could have an impact on our clients' businesses.

Publications available on this site provide general information only and do not constitute legal advice. See the terms of use of this website for further information.

Featured Publications

Brexit Essentials

A series of briefings designed to help senior executives in charge of legal, finance and risk determine the impact of the referendum and its outcome on their business.

March of the blocks, GDPR and the Blockchain

This report evaluates the challenges posed to the implementation of Blockchain solutions by the EU GDPR privacy regulations.

Taking the pulse: what we can learn from the latest FTSE 350 Cyber Health Check

The briefing summarises the report and offers some practical tips we have drawn from the report and our experience of advising on cyber incidents and risk management.

Innovation Explored

While we don’t pretend that this is an exhaustive instruction manual for innovating in business, this is intended to be a useful starting point for any organisation embarking on some form of innovation project. We have co-authored the Innovation Explored report with Richard Tromans, the law firm strategy and innovation consultant.

Latest Government cyber report: targeted attacks and impact of GDPR

The briefing summarises the latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 and offers practical tips we have drawn from the survey and our experience of advising on cyber incidents.

The Law Reviews

A series of multi-jurisdictional guides to developments in various legal practice areas.