Commercial Contracts

Regardless of where your business sits on the maturity curve (from innovative start-ups looking to disrupt the market, through to recognised global conglomerates with an established industry presence), your commercial arrangements are fundamental to the success of your business. 

When contracting these arrangements you will need to:

  • rapidly assess the commercial and legal risks and issues involved
  • focus on those risks and issues which represent the true ‘value drivers’ in your deal
  • clearly document the arrangement in a way which ensures your interests and commercial concerns are protected, while appropriately incentivising your counterparty to perform

We have extensive experience in all forms of commercial contracts. Our practice covers a wide range of commercial agreements including: 

  • manufacturing and supply
  • service
  • agency and distribution
  • sponsorship
  • research, development and collaboration
  • franchising
  • outsourcing
  • joint ventures

We prioritise understanding how your commercial arrangement fits into your wider business strategy and the key risks and opportunities that this presents. Our attention to your specific needs means we provide you with focussed legal and strategic advice that goes to the value of your deal.

Our contractual solutions are tailored to the circumstances of your particular transaction and your organisation. We will embark on your new projects with no preconceptions as to the ‘right way’ to implement them but rather with a pragmatic, flexible approach which draws on our broad and varied contracting experience. 

Our multi-specialist approach enables us to advise you across all practice areas in relation to commercial contracts, and much of the work we do in this area is multi-national in nature. As part of this, we can advise you on the potential impact of Brexit on your existing and proposed cross-border commercial arrangements involving EU territories, including strategies for mitigating risk and preserving contract value. 

Partner Contacts

Our key experience includes advising:

Punch Taverns on updates to its standard terms for supply contracts, to reflect adjustments to its group and regulatory environment.

Centrica on changes to its management services agreement and transitional support services agreement in connection with the Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms.

Vodafone on its distribution agreements relating to the establishment of a mobile money platform with Wirecard.

The England and Wales Cricket Board on its major sponsorship agreement with Adidas.

Marks & Spencer in relation to the expansion and operation of its UK and international business across more than 40 jurisdictions.

RSA on its long‑term, multi‑jurisdictional, multi‑vendor strategic IT infrastructure outsourcing arrangements.

GlaxoSmithKline on its agreement with Verily Life Sciences LLC (formerly Google Life Sciences), to form a joint venture, Galvani Bioelectronics.