We have worked with local primary schools through our Primary Partners programme for over 15 years.

Our Primary Partners scheme includes:

  • Reading Partners - volunteers offer much-needed reading support to primary school children and is our longest running non-legal volunteering project
  • Green Partners - volunteers spend one lunchtime a week at Moreland School, planting vegetables and plants with the children to help them learn about nature and the environment in a fun and dynamic way
  • sponsorship of the LSO’s Discovery Choir and Islington schools programme, bringing engaging and inspiring creative music experiences to local children
  • funding the National Literacy Trust's Young Readers' Programme to help motivate children to read for enjoyment, and the Islington Primary School Football League, a highlight on our local schools’ calendar.

"As Executive Headteacher of both schools, I highly value and appreciate everything that Slaughter and May do. Just before writing this comment I attended the final of the Slaughter and May Football League and prize giving. The excitement on the children’s faces, their team spirit and the young professionalism they demonstrated was a total joy to witness. As you know, Islington is a borough of two halves and the majority of children in both my schools are from underprivileged backgrounds. One parent said: ‘this is the highlight of our year. We will never forget this.’ What you do as an organisation has a massive impact upon this EC1 community - more than you will ever know."

Ann Dwulit, Executive Headteacher, St Luke’s and Moreland Primary Schools

Chris Saul on our approach to volunteering

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