Case study: St Luke's Community Centre

We have partnered with St Luke’s Community Centre since 2008 and work closely with them to deliver projects tailored to the needs of the local community.

Highlights include:

  • Firm Futures - aims to help local unemployed people become self-employed. Our volunteers act as business mentors and we provide cash bursaries to help the beneficiaries set up their own businesses.
  • PC Pals - supports older people as they develop computer literacy skills and learn how to use the internet.
  • Job Club - groups of volunteers attend weekly sessions to work directly with the long-term unemployed to support them with job applications.
  • Seasonal giving - each year, our employees generously purchase presents from a list of items that are given out at the Centre on Christmas Day to those who would normally spend Christmas day on their own.

“I feel more confident and I am sure that my next job interview will be less stressful after having the chance to practice with the volunteer – thank you”

A Job Club participant at St Luke’s Community Centre

“I’m so scared of computers that I was very nervous for my first PC Pals session but my mentor put me at ease and I am now much more confident using the computer.  I’m looking forward to more sessions so that I can improve my knowledge even more.”

A PC Pals participant at St Luke’s Community Centre