Our two national charity partners are the National Literacy Trust, a partner of almost ten years, and Action For Kids, which we began working with in 2015. We provide pro bono legal advice, funding and in-kind support to both charities.

The National Literacy Trust helps disadvantaged children and young people gain the literacy skills they need to succeed. Words are the tools of a law firm’s trade and we understand how crucial literacy is to social mobility and future prospects.

We fund the National Literacy Trust’s annual literacy survey of over 35,000 children and young people aged 8 to 18, the only one of its kind.  It forms the backbone of the charity’s strategy and campaigns, as well as being used by participating schools to inform their literacy strategies.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with Slaughter and May and grateful for the additional support provided.  Through our partnership we are able to provide unique insight into reading, writing and communication skills, attitudes and behaviors on a yearly basis.  This is unique to the UK and the findings are used widely, both nationally and internationally.”

Jonathan Douglas, Director, The National Literacy Trust

Action For Kids supports disabled children and young people to live the life they want.  We began our partnership with an initial donation to clear a large proportion of the charity’s list of young people desperately waiting for mobility equipment.

Since then, as well as core funding and advice, we have worked with the charity to initiate a supported work placement scheme for young people with disabilities on their journey to become job ready.  Action For Kids reports that only 6% of people with a learning disability have jobs yet the vast majority say they want to work.

The work placements allow the young people to better understand their strengths, improvement areas, likes, dislikes and career aspirations and has a significant positive impact on their confidence.  At the same time, we are building awareness and understanding of disabilities amongst our employees.

Raising aspirations and improving skills to enable young people with disabilities to live and work as independently as they can is at the heart of our mission and Slaughter and May have wholeheartedly shown a real commitment to these students’ futures and careers.  This presents us with a powerful case study to communicate elsewhere and enables us to impact on diverse and inclusive employment and its benefits in society and the workplace.

Graham Duncan, Chief Executive, Action For Kids