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On Tuesday 8 December we will be hosting a virtual Collaborate Demo Day, the culmination of our 2020 programme which focusses on bringing together client in-house teams, our lawyers, industry experts and tech suppliers to support and shape the development of legal tech products.

Demo Day offers the opportunity to hear about the plans and successes of the seven businesses who form our second Collaborate cohort and help us choose the winner of the programme, as our cohort members compete to win an ongoing development opportunity with Slaughter and May. 


Collaborate sponsoring partners, Jane Edwarde and Chris McGaffin discuss the programmes closing event and what they have most enjoyed about Collaborate 2020.

Collaborate Demo Day 2019

Our 2020 Cohort

The seven businesses which form this year’s cohort were selected by the Collaborate team alongside the programme’s Client and Advisory Panels from a diverse pool of applicants. You can find more information about each cohort member below, in addition to contact details if you would like to find out more.

Della AI

Della AI

Category: Document review

Summary: Della accelerates contract review. Users ask their own questions in their own words to analyse the points that matter to them. Della is used in due diligence and internal audits as well as day-to-day analysis of contracts, leases and other legal documents.

Biography: Christophe and Nicolas founded Della in 2018 to simplify and generalise the use of AI for contract review. Christophe focussed on the business side and with Nicolas leading the AI effort. Hugo joined us early 2019 to bring legal experience and to focus on building a product that wouldn’t require a specialist to use. 

The idea for Della came from some of Christophe’s frustrations with the way legal services were delivered to his previous business, specifically an overlooked non-compete that nearly scuppered its sale. 

Della has a team of 12 and is used by law firms and in-house departments in Europe to review legal documents in over 5 languages.

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Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]



Category: Dispute resolution

Summary: Immediation is a confidential online dispute resolution platform, providing advanced hearing and mediation technology to courts, and an alternative fixed-fee, easy, secure and highly efficient method of resolving disputes outside court.

A commercial barrister since 2012, in 2017 Laura Keily founded Immediation – a secure and confidential platform now providing advanced hearing and mediation technology to courts, and an alternative fixed-fee, secure and highly efficient method of resolving disputes outside court. 

Moving into litigation from her first career as a transactional corporate lawyer including at Slaughter and May, Laura became deeply concerned about difficulties with access to our legal system.  In 2017, Laura could see an opportunity to innovate to facilitate better and earlier dispute resolution. She founded Immediation and engaging former Google engineers, created a patent-pending technology platform launched in September 2019 that makes it quicker, easier and more affordable to resolve commercial disputes using mediation or arbitration via structured workflows. Immediation’s end-to-end service utilises our world-class expert Panel to resolve commercial and family disputes in our own web-based video-conferencing tool. 

In 2020 we reimagined the Immediation Platform to provide enterprise-software-as-a-service to courts and tribunals.  We made the Platform available as secure single-use virtual mediation/arbitration rooms for the legal profession including legally trained clerks to assist if required.  We also launched Immediation Dealmaker, a second SaaS platform for mediators, arbitrators and lawyers to easily conduct their own matters, to turn “disputes into deals”.

Cohort Video: 


Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]

Lexical Labs

Category: Document review

Summary: The Lexical Labs system is designed to review documents, identify problems or negotiation points and provide solutions, by combining advanced technology and embedded expertise.

Biography: Lexical Labs aims to illuminate the contracts of the world’s largest enterprises - combining artificial and human intelligence to transform the review and negotiation of commercial contracts and capturing the data for risk and contract management purposes.

We are a founding team of recovering lawyers and top technologists - Liam - 13 years in Big Law at HSF and New Law Firm Radiant Law doing inhouse legal work. Will - 15 years of development experience and a PHD in Artificial Intelligence.  Simon - 25 years at A&O mainly in Asia doing finance and M&A work.  We have a team of about 10 software engineers, UX designers, lawyers and legal engineers. We all share a passion in making the law more accessible, affordable and exciting.

Our journey started in 2016 with Liam and Will building the initial system and continued with Simon joining in 2018 to help commercialise the system. We currently serve more than 500 users across 25 corporate and law firm customers across a range of contract types and with integrations into MS Sharepoint and Word. Aside from Collaborate, we are currently members of the Eagle Labs accelerator run by Barclays and a group of law firms. We are thoroughly enjoying our Collaborate experience so far.

Cohort Video: 


Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]

Office & Dragons

Office and Dragons

Category: Document automation

Summary: Office & Dragons is a document automation startup on a mission to make documenting transactions simple, reliable and fast. It empowers lawyers to transform documents from a mess of static text into dynamic representations of data.

Office & Dragons helps lawyers efficiently develop bespoke contracts for deals. We generally work with lawyers leading teams at large firms who are doing quite well, but who are frustrated with the toil and confusion that can get in the way of getting deals done, upset that it results in wasted time and worried about human error slipping into the documents in the rush to get deals over the line. Document automation tools don't help them, because they're not simply choosing between stock clauses in a template; their work is bespoke. Our software helps teams do excellent work efficiently by keeping deal terms organized and automating away some of the heavy lifting from creating and editing contracts. It works for any deal, any doc, any time and can be used by anyone, without any pre-deal setup.

We were founded in 2019 by Sam Smolkin, our CEO. As an M&A lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis in London and New York, Sam used to advise large private equity funds on billion-dollar deal. Sam is also a software developer, and his insights at the intersection of law and software drive our unique approach to solving the problem of how to execute excellently on deals in the face of a world that's getting faster, more complex and more competitive. Since then, our team has grown quickly. Matt Philson (COO) is an excellent agile manager with a decade of experience building and leading data analytics and developer teams at blue chip financial institutions. Carissa Liu (Design) is putting a friendly face on legal tech with our unique brand, overcoming the natural fear many have when adopting a new way of working. Wilson Shrestha (Engineering) was previously head of engineering at an AI startup building a product for universities. Logan Oliver (Business Development) was a project manager at Amazon and BT, making him an excellent partner to our customers as we work together to deploy our solution. He's also our resident Dungeon Master -- no joke, he runs a fortnightly legaltech Dungeons & Dragons campaign. In addition to the Collaborate program, we're supported by two more great legal tech programs run by Barclays and LexisNexis.

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Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]


Category: Transaction management

Summary: thedocyard is a deal management and transactional workflow platform which digitises and automates deals by standardising repeatable processes, providing real time status updates, providing virtual data rooms and allowing collaboration between parties.

As deal-makers, we know what it takes to close deals on time, on budget, and on-the-go.

A career in deal-making drove corporate lawyer Stuart Clout to start thedocyard ( in 2014.

Stuart’s mission: to deliver the next generation of dealtech and board management solutions on a global scale. Since then, our deal management platform is now trusted by the world’s leading corporate advisory and teams, including PwC, BUPA, Grant Thornton, DLA Piper, K&L Gates, Gethen Capital and AJ Gallagher, to help make their deals flow.

In 2020, thedocyard listed on the ASX and acquired Athena Board (, a simple, secure board meeting management platform. This positions thedocyard as a leader in corporate governance and information management solutions.

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Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact Stuart Clout, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at [email protected]


Juralio logo

Category: Matter management

Summary: Juralio enables lawyers and clients to map legal work collaboratively so as to plan, execute, control and report more effectively. This helps to deliver better value for clients, better margins for lawyers and less pain for everyone.

Juralio helps you to plan, map and collaborate on legal matters and processes of any complexity. Work to be done, under way or completed is shown in ways that are highly visual and easy to understand. Everything is presented in an action-focused way - including, with integrations, messages, financial data and documents. This helps with quality, risk and efficiency compared with having to repeatedly piece things together from disparate systems. Reporting is also greatly facilitated (less time required for bespoke updates).

Processes following a certain pattern can be quickly turned into templates for reuse (no technical skills required), but remain fluid and responsive to the things that come up unexpectedly in a particular matter. Law firms and corporate legal departments can use Juralio and give access to particular matters to each other so as to facilitate cross-organisational working in ways that are easier to keep on top of than just using email and documents.

Our team includes a former global law firm partner and a former Google head of design as well as business, engineering and other skills.

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Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]


Category: Communications

Summary: Novastone is a secure instant messaging platform integrated with public IM such as WhatsApp and WeChat. It is designed for firms to deliver a personalised client experience through relationship teams.


Find out more: To find out more or arrange a demo, please contact the team at [email protected] 

Our experts

The judging panel


Equity Fundraising Manager


Shaun operates in the Investment Team at Crowdcube. His role is to source the U.K's hottest startups for the Crowdcube platform. He assists those startups to raise investment from the crowd, which enables them to unlock the power of community-driven growth.


Director of Knowledge and Innovation

Slaughter and May

Alex is Director of Knowledge & Innovation at Slaughter and May. She has a broad remit with teams responsible for the firm-wide strategy and associated deployment of knowledge systems, information services, legal services innovation, legal process improvement, legal project management and legal tech.


Manager Legal Technology

Hengeler Mueller

Pierre manages Hengeler Mueller’s Legal Tech Center, which develops legal technology strategies and manages legal technology projects. The Center also advises the firm on new technology-driven trends in the legal market, provides information on digitization developments in the economy and explains the resulting demands on legal advice. Furthermore, Pierre is a Senior Associate in Hengeler Mueller’s digital economy team and advises on legal aspects of cloud computing, IT outsourcing and IT governance.


Chief Information Officer

Slaughter and May

Chris has been at the firm for 6 years and has been responsible for orchestrating a complete transformation of the IT infrastructure, mission-critical systems, governance standards, team composition, and IT culture. Chris previously worked at Freshfields Bruckhaus and Deringer where he helped create the technology vision to support the north shoring of the Firms IT services.

Guest speaker


CEO and Founder


Catherine Bamford is the CEO and Founder of BamLegal, a legal technology consultancy.  

BamLegal helps law firms and in-house legal departments improve the delivery of their legal services through the smart application of legal technology.

Catherine also mentors, advises and invests in legal technology start-ups, as well as teaching future lawyers about lawtech and its application.

Catherine will be joining us to give her insight into the ever changing legal tech market – You can follow Catherine on LinkedinInstagram or Twitter.