Interview hints and tips

Before the interview

  • read your CV and covering letter carefully as the interviewers could ask you about anything you have included
  • keep up to date with current affairs and think carefully about what you are reading. You may find it useful to read regularly the business pages of a broadsheet newspaper so you can develop commercial awareness
  • if possible, book in for a practice interview with your university careers adviser before you begin training contract interviews
  • consider in advance your answers to commonly asked questions, such as "why law?" or "why this firm?", but we do not want only to hear answers that seem too rehearsed. Partners will try to take you 'off-piste' to see how you think on your feet

During the interview

  • listen to the questions carefully and answer the question that has actually been asked, not the one you wish you had been asked
  • be honest in your answers rather than saying what you think we want to hear
  • be prepared to make small talk – this is an important skill and it will be useful when you are being guided to the interview room and once the interview is completed
  • try not to ramble. We are looking for lawyers who can articulate information in a clear, structured and concise manner
  • remember to ask questions at the end of the interview. Listen to the answers and consider follow-up questions

Richard Marron on tips for the interview

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