Craig Laverick

University of Bath, International Management and German

Current Rotation: Knowledge, Innovation and Legal Tech

What originally attracted you to the firm? How did you decide that a legal ops role was for you?

Throughout my Management degree, I had the opportunity to complete modules covering commercial and corporate law. I found the topics interesting but just assumed (wrongly!) that a career in the legal industry was not available to me if I didn’t become a lawyer. However, when I found this programme online I immediately knew that this was the right firm and role for me. The opportunities available on the programme were described in a level of detail that is lacking in many other job descriptions, such as the different kinds of rotations, potential client secondments and the opportunity to learn alongside other legal ops graduates at other city firms. The variety of the programme appealed to me, as although I knew that I wanted to complete a commercial graduate scheme, I wasn’t set on a particular role and wanted the flexibility to experience different areas of a business. I was also impressed by the career mentoring and coaching opportunities available to graduates, which showed the firm cared about investing in its people.

The firm has a reputation for providing world-class legal services, which requires both outstanding lawyers and business professionals. I was really excited by the possibility of joining a firm full of talented colleagues to support some of the world’s most influential public and private sector organisations. 

Can you talk through your day? Which group are you in? What does the group do?

The working day starts at 9:30, but I like to get in a tad early at approximately 9:00 in order to grab a coffee, settle down and see what’s ahead of me for the day (BBC sport may also get a quick browse too). I have recently started in the Knowledge & Innovation team, so my day mainly consists of various projects at different stages of legal tech implementation. I could be researching interesting developments in a particular market, working with external technology vendors to test and pilot products with our lawyers, or even taking part in the procurement negotiations of products that we want to buy. 

What part of the job gives you the biggest buzz?

I take great satisfaction from seeing the genuine value that the various legal operations teams are adding to the firm in their own right. 

What qualities do you think someone needs to be successful in your role?

I would say you need to be hardworking, open to new ideas and willing to take on responsibility. The variety that comes with a rotational programme means that you’ll frequently have to adapt to change and learn new skills, and having a positive approach to these new experiences is key.