Chris Saul, Senior partner

"A very warm welcome to Slaughter and May.

On this site, we want to show you Slaughter and May - the work we do; the unique approach we take to legal and business challenges; and the spirit of our team.

At Slaughter and May, we focus on:

  • nurturing the special nature of the firm: a collegiate working style with an ambition to be the best at looking after clients
  • bringing a creative, quality and business-aware approach to all of our work, however complex
  • fostering and developing our working relationships with leading law firms across the world - our 'Best Friends' approach
  • maintaining a sense of perspective - our clients are best served if an element of warmth and humour is in the mix

The wider economic environment continues to be challenging for everyone, including many of our clients. Our particular strengths as a firm have helped us to remain busy and provide a positive and constructive service to all our clients.

It seems likely that uncertainty will persist for some time but, as we look forward, we continue to draw strength from our multi-specialism and our creative and upbeat approach to dealing with novel situations.

I hope you enjoy your visit."

Chris Saul 
Senior Partner


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