Client reception


The staircase leads up to a client dedicated suite of thirty-four meeting rooms and five dining rooms with a conservatory and garden courtyard.

Water feature

Water flows down a Chinese slate wall into a still pool embedded with Sea Green Kirkstone.

Jelly babies

We are well known for our large bowls of jelly babies. They are so popular that we get through 76,000 a year. Some overseas clients even ask us to send them supplies to keep them going between trips to see us.

Natural slate floors

Our hand-picked Silver Green Kirkstone flooring is an igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rock from the Lake District and is 450 million years old.

Coffee bar

All day service

Our coffee bar is open during the working week from 7am to 8pm.


A variety of cakes and muffins, as well as a wide selection of teas, coffees, chocolates, fresh fruit and juices are available all day.


A live news feed plays throughout the day and we hold special screenings for major sports events.

Dining area

Lunch with colleagues, take a coffee break or have an impromptu meeting in a relaxed setting.


During the summer months we open the doors to a courtyard for open-air dining.

Staff restaurant

Food on the go

Choose from a selection of chilled drinks and foods, including sandwiches, sushi and desserts.

Deli bar

Order freshly made ciabattas, paninis and sandwiches, with a wide assortment of deli-style fillings.

Quality and choice of food

The in-house catering team strives to offer a healthy and varied menu at subsidised rates. As well as lunch, a hot and cold breakfast is served from 7am and supper is served until 10pm.

Salad bar

Choose from a selection of salads, soups and speciality breads, all freshly made in our kitchens.

Hot food counter

A different meat, fish and vegetarian option available daily. A speciality counter with themed foods including Thai, Italian, Indian, Mexican and Caribbean.

Meeting rooms

Technical capabilities

Conferencing, audio-visual equipment and wireless access can be accommodated, with a dedicated technical support team always on hand to help.

Client service

All of our meeting rooms are serviced by dedicated catering staff who arrange everything from a buffet lunch to fine dining.

Transparency and privacy

Glass panelling has been used throughout the building to provide a light and transparent working environment. All meeting rooms are also fitted with blinds for times when privacy and confidentiality are important.


The paintings throughout the client suite are primarily by artists who live and work in Cornwall, including Trevor Bell, Maggie Matthews, Richard Cook and Mary Mabbutt.


Our meeting room pencils are so well-liked that we now use 24,000 a year.

Training rooms

Cultural talks

Everyone is invited to monthly lunch-time cultural talks by a variety of speakers from the worlds of art, theatre, history, sport, conservation and philosophy.

Excellence in training

All of our meeting rooms are serviced by dedicated catering staff who arrange everything from a buffet lunch to fine dining.

Firm days for LPC students

Our LPC students are regularly invited to training sessions.

Training for everyone

A variety of face-to-face and online training sessions are available to everyone.

Client training

Our clients are invited to attend dedicated training throughout the year.

Legal floor 

Open door policy

Our open door policy endorses our culture of mutual support.

Office sharing

Most offices accommodate two people with our trainees sharing with a senior qualified lawyer or a partner.

Secretarial support

Legal secretaries, who work in open plan areas on each legal floor, support our lawyers.

Coffee pod

Each floor has several coffee pod areas providing cooled filtered water, facilities for making tea, coffee and hot chocolate and a fridge for your own sandwiches and drinks.

Function room

Multi-purpose room

Our multi-purpose function room is used for a variety of events including client and staff parties, trainee and future trainee drinks and partners' dining.

Alumni programme

Keeping up to date with former colleagues is important to us. We host regular events to maintain these relationships.

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