P&E Update: Employment/Employee Benefits Bulletin

11 Nov 2011 | Newsletter/briefing

Topics covered in this bulletin:

Cases Round-up

  • TUPE: change to terms and conditions to reflect 'sector norm' was valid, as not connected to the transfer
  • TUPE: change to terms and conditions to improve productivity was valid, as not for a reason connected to the transfer
  • Whistleblowing: no liability for acts of employees, or for omissions which are not deliberate
  • Unfair dismissal: unambiguous words of dismissal were effective
  • Managing director had no express or implied power to suspend executive chairman

Points in Practice

  • FRC announces new diversity provisions of UK Corporate Governance Code
  • HMRC guidance on disguised remuneration
  • FSA final form guidance on Remuneration Code
  • New proposal for "compensated no fault dismissals" to replace unfair dismissal
  • Industrial action: Quantas


Clare Fletcher (professional support lawyer)

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