Brexit: Edging Closer

29 Nov 2018 | Client publication/article

On 14 November, the UK Government and European Commission published a further version of the Withdrawal Agreement in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, an outline Political Declaration on the framework of the future EU/UK relationship, and a joint statement. On 22 November, it was announced that further progress had been made on the Political Declaration, a full version of which was formally published shortly afterwards.

Part 1 of this briefing contains an overview of the most-discussed aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration.

Part 2 considers in more detail some of the key aspects likely to be of interest to corporates and the financial sector as the UK edges closer to a final conclusion.


Jeff Twentyman (partner), Jan Putnis (partner), Rebecca Cousin (partner), Stephen Powell (partner), Anna Lyle-Smythe (partner), Deborah Finkler (partner), Susie Middlemiss (partner), Kathrine Meloni (special advisor), Nele Dhondt (professional support lawyer), Rob Brittain (professional support lawyer), Tolek Petch (associate), Tim Fosh (associate)

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