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26 Apr 2012 Outsourcing: Employment law issues in UK and Germany; Cost justification for age discrimination; Reasonable adjustments: no duty to mitigate adverse financial consequences; service provision changes Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
26 Apr 2012 In the pipeline: April, 2012; HMRC Newsletter 53; QROPS guidance; Pensionable pay: bonuses; Switch from RPI to CPI: Armed Forces; Abolition of DC contracting-out Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
Apr 2012 Review of changes the proposed Regulation may bring to the UK Data Protection regime Competition, Competition Litigation, Contentious Tax, Corporate and Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Financial Regulation, Financing, Global Investigations, Information Technology, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outsourcing, Pensions and Employment, Restructuring and Insolvency, Sovereign Debt and Eurozone, Sport Newsletter/briefing
29 Mar 2012 6th April 2012 changes to employment law; TUPE: change of workplace justified employee claims; Redundancy: subjective criteria permissible in selection for new role Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
29 Mar 2012 Revised staging dates for smaller employers; Auto-enrolment thresholds for 2012/2013; Budget 2012; Switch from RPI to CPI: consultation by employers; Revisions to HMRC’s annual allowance Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
29 Mar 2012 Supplement on the Budget March 2012 Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
15 Mar 2012 New Regulations to reform Tribunal system; ECJ: "workers" under the Part-Time Workers Directive; TUPE: the latest cases; Redundancy: selection from pool of one was unfair Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
15 Mar 2012 Auto-enrolment: Regulator’s approach to compliance; Scheme amendments to reflect abolition of DC contracting-out; PPF compensation cap raised 2.5%; Reduction in general and PPF administration levies Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
01 Mar 2012 Unfair dismissal: Increase to qualifying period; Compromise agreements under the Equality Act 2010; Supreme Court: Territorial jurisdiction for unfair dismissal claims; Fixed-share partner in LLP Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
01 Mar 2012 Countdown to Auto-enrolment; Taxing asset-backed pension contributions; Withholding tax on US source income; PPF levy 2012/13: action plan; European Commission White Paper Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing