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28 Nov 2013 TUPE: Dismissals by football club administrator were not automatically unfair; New NAPF Guidelines and Remuneration Principles; John McCririck loses age discrimination claim against Channel 4 Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
28 Nov 2013 Update on reduced allowances; Compensation for incorrect benefits' quotation: Pensions Ombudsman's determination in relation to Tuttle; Failure to pay over death benefits within 2 year period: Pensions Ombudsman's determination in relation to Ms. Browne Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
14 Nov 2013 TUPE reform: draft regulations published; Age discriminatory redundancy scheme was justified; Disability discrimination update Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
07 Nov 2013 Pensions Bill 2013: Update; Meaning of "Money Purchase Benefits"; DWP Consultation on Charging Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
Nov 2013 Summary of the key changes approved by the EU Parliament on 21 October 2013 in relation to the draft General Data Protection Regulation Competition, Competition Litigation, Contentious Tax, Corporate and Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Financial Regulation, Financing, Global Investigations, Information Technology, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outsourcing, Pensions and Employment, Restructuring and Insolvency, Sovereign Debt and Eurozone, Sport Newsletter/briefing
17 Oct 2013 "Restrictive covenants – Dos and don’ts to protect an employer’s interests"; Maximum awards for unfair dismissal; TUPE: SPC in relation to non-guaranteed contractual activities Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
17 Oct 2013 Increase in SPA: bridging pensions: modification regulations in force; Directors’ pay: new reporting requirements for pension; Auto-enrolment technical changes; New requirements for QROPS Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
03 Oct 2013 1st October 2013 changes to employment law; ECJ: Age discrimination in redundancy and retirement entitlements; entitlement to maternity leave Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
03 Oct 2013 Ban on consultancy charging in auto-enrolment schemes; Updated certification guidance; Rectification: Konica Minolta Business Solutions; Distribution of death benefits: Pensions Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing
19 Sept 2013 Asset-backed contributions guidance; PPF levy 2014/2015; Pensions Regulator’s guide for new trustees; DWP member tracing service; ABI publishes sample annuity rates; Regulation of OTC derivatives Pensions and Employment Newsletter/briefing