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May 2019
The Dispute Resolution Review 2019 - Hong Kong chapter

Legal developments in Dispute Resolution in the Hong Kong prepared for the eleventh edition of The Dispute Resolution Review

Dispute Resolution
Client Publication/Article
10 May 2019
Tax and the City Review for May 2019

Mike Lane and Zoe Andrews consider HMRC’s revised hybrid capital instruments technical note and their response to stakeholders’ concerns on the profit diversion compliance facility. They also look at the full decision on the UK's CFC finance company exemption and the FTT decision in Oxford Instruments.

Tax Disputes
Client Publication/Article
03 May 2019
New EU Copyright Directive: harmony or discord?

An article reviewing the key aspects of the EU’s Digital Copyright Directive, the first comprehensive EU harmonisation of copyright laws for nearly twenty years

Intellectual Property
Information Technology
Client Publication/Article
03 May 2019
Time limit traps: lessons from the 2019 loan charge

Richard Jeens and Rose Swaffield look at the broader questions around statutory time limits that apply to HMRC’s ability to investigate a taxpayer’s affairs and raise assessments of tax.

Tax Disputes
Client Publication/Article
Apr 2019
Market Abuse Regulation - Periodic financial reporting and inside information

The FCA has finalised its guidance on periodic financial reporting and inside information. This briefing summarises the guidance and what companies should be doing in light of the guidance.

Financial Regulation
Corporate and Commercial
Client Publication/Article
23 Apr 2019
Getting the Deal Through - Debt Capital Markets (United Kingdom) 2019

UK and EU legal and regulatory framework of the debt capital markets, and factors which influence the the market, including the documentation and execution of transactions.

Capital Markets
Debt Capital Markets
Client Publication/Article
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