When to apply

The application process begins at least two years before the date on which you expect to join us. We encourage applications as early as possible within our application windows. Interviews will be scheduled and training contract offers will be made on a rolling basis. We are therefore unable to guarantee the availability of places as we progress with these interviews.

Law intake

If you are a law student, you should submit your application in the summer before you enter your final year of study, after you have received your examination results. We accept applications from law students in June and July.

If you are a law finalist or a law graduate and have missed the July deadline date, we will open for applications again from October. However, it is important to note that you will be applying for a training contract start date a year later than if you had submitted an application in June/July.

For the purposes of our application process, only candidates who are currently studying for, or who have completed, a law degree in England or Wales should apply for a 'law' intake.

Non-law intake

The 'non-law' intake is for candidates who have completed, or who are required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to complete, some or all of the modules of the GDL, before commencing their LPC.

If you are studying a non-law subject at university, you should apply from October during the final year of your degree. We would advise you to apply as early as possible as we will begin interviewing in November.

Only candidates who are currently studying for, or who have completed, a non-law degree, and candidates who have studied, or are studying, a law degree outside England or Wales should apply for a 'non-law' intake. If you are unsure about whether you have studied, or are studying, a qualifying law degree, please contact the SRA for clarification.

General notes on the beginning of the application process

Graduates should apply according to the timings of the 'law' or 'non-law' intakes as appropriate. If these timings do not fit in with the timing of your other applications/interviews, please telephone the Trainee Recruitment Team to discuss alternative arrangements.

Every application received is reviewed by our Trainee Recruitment Team and we endeavour to reply to every applicant within two weeks of receiving their applications. Occasionally, during busy periods, this can take a little longer. There is no automatic filtering of applications.