Our people make the difference

Strength from diversity

We can talk about philosophies, systems and differences, but only one thing truly makes us who we are, and that's our people. We value diversity and individuality very highly – different perspectives are crucial when it comes to providing innovative advice. You will find graduates from over 92 different degree courses, 84 different universities and 32 different nationalities at Slaughter and May. But there are shared qualities that help bind us together.

When selecting trainees we certainly look beyond their academics. This is a people business and we work together in teams, sometimes under considerable pressure for lengthy periods. We need individuals with energy and spark who can relate to those around them. We like common sense, integrity and drive. We like people who have an interesting take on things and who have a range of interests outside of the law. We like people with resolve who are able to show grit under pressure. We also like an awareness of the business world and backdrop, because this is key for our clients.

Best of all for helping clients, confounding the opposition and managing the pressure? A sense of humour. Try surviving without one.

We aim to employ the brightest minds regardless of what or where they studied. We benefit from talented people who think differently and we strive to ensure that people feel comfortable about being themselves at work.

You don't need to have studied law to join us. About half of the trainee solicitors we recruit studied law as undergraduates. Among us you will find historians, biologists, linguists, psychologists, chemists, musicians and many others.

Diversity of thought, perspective and experience is invaluable in providing creative and cutting-edge advice to our clients, and it also fosters an open-minded and varied work environment. We believe that it is our ability to build collaborative and diverse teams that helps us to succeed. That inclusivity enhances our business performance.

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